The 3rd Annual Eastern Cape E-Learning Summit will be addressing issues that have impacted the lack of access and development of ICT infrastructure, which enables effective roll-out of E-Learning.

As the world moves into a digitised format, the collaboration of planning, implementation and creative innovation becomes necessary to ensure that no one is left behind as we ride on the digital train. Most South Africans are connected to this digital world but, yet we experience a sense of disconnection. Are we giving our people the right tools to shape their own future?

Globalization has influenced digital transformation in all economic sectors with a focus on education. The digitization of this sector has enabled a transition into the E-Learning age. Learning tools from as early as foundation phase are deeply entrenched in the use of computers and, in more fortunate schools’ tablets are used. We are in a digital age where the transition from chalk to device is on par.

E- learning is currently crippled by difficulties including overcrowded classrooms and lack of support for early childhood development and foundation phase teachers. This technological advancement in education has resulted in a lag between planning, delivery and execution in rural Eastern Cape schools. Therefore, there is a lack of ICT enabling infrastructure which has lead to the aforementioned problems.

The Eastern Cape province remains at the bottom in matric results whether there is an increase, providing these schools with ICT resources can be challenging and at the most basic level, there is a shortage of minimum infrastructure to support ICTs at many impoverished schools.

In rural communities, people still face transport problems, shortage of teachers especially for Mathematics and science as well as low numeracy and literacy levels which can create a disconnection from our digitised future. The E-Learning conversation this year will be under the theme: Opening Access To Education and a Digital Future.

Opening Access To Education and a Digital Future.: 06 June 2018
Time: 08:30 – 15:30
Venue: The Venue, Hemingways, East London
Cost: None

Contact: Lona Thomas
Company name: Imbizo Events
Telephone number: 0418181699
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