Mfuleni and Friend is inspired by a lack of connection between young business entrepreneurs in civil society and successful business role players, where we identified a niche in the accessibility of effectual key stakeholders and an average start up business. The narrative is being mobilized around the Eastern Cape specifically targeting townships. The encouragement for this initiative comes from a noticeable decline in general welfare of the nation’s young citizens.


The CSI aims at targeting the young people in business entrepreneurship and discuss vastly on how we can work together to address the need to forefront the province narrative concerning its youth development.


The purpose is to invite and connects young South African entrepreneurs and industry leaders to share stories, business skills and tools to develop the entrepreneurial movement in an effort to close the global business gap. The idea is that this platform will inflate opportunities and prominence for South Africa start-up businesses.


  • Create social platforms supporting projects that encourage entrepreneurship, self-reliance and provide employment and growth opportunities
  • To empower and generate association opportunities
  • To comprehensively discuss issues that can assist in enhancing and developing entrepreneurial skills
  • Identify and analyse community problems and aim at working cooperatively with others to ensure that their voices are head
  • Aim at tackling social needs for ordinary South Africans

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